Our #Ten4Ten World Mental Health Day campaign

This World Mental Health Day we're launching a rap video about 10 ways you can look after your mental health and wellbeing. We'd love you to support our campaign - see below.

10 ways to look after your mental health


Remember it is normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during a crisis

Healthy Lifestyle

Maintain a healthy lifestyle as far as you can, including diet, sleep and exercise


Don't smoke, drink or use drugs to deal with your emotions

Less media coverage

Limit worry by watching or listening to media coverage less

Keep connected

Keep connected to people by phone, email and social media

Be kind

Be kind to others and yourself

Seek Advice

Seek advice you can trust from the NHS and the Government

Get Facts

Get the facts to help you determine the risk and protect yourself

Use skills

Use skills you already have, and have used in the past to deal with stress

Structure your day

Structure your day with things that you can realistically achieve

Meet the rap artist

Our #Ten4Ten 10 ways to wellbeing rap is written and performed by Kuda-Kwashé. Kuda says:

"As a student mental health nurse, I've been able to witness first hand the benefits of prioritising mental and emotional well-being, and the positive impact of removing the stigma around mental health. I feel honoured to be able to support this campaign."

Kuda Rapping

Photo of John Richardson

Meet the filmmaker

Our #Ten4Ten rap video is being made by talented film maker John Richardson and the team at Mind Wick films.

John says: "Every fray of our lives is underpinned by mental health. It’s complicated. We’re fragile. Mental health is a daily fight for many of us, but it’s a responsibility for all of us."

Be Kind

Please help us spread the word by joining us in a mass Tweet at 10am on 10 October about the 10 ways to wellbeing. Copy and paste the following message and help us share 10 ways to be kind to yourself and look after your mental health.

Be kind to yourself, look after your mental health. See the #Ten4Ten rap video from @withoutstigma (launched today!) which has 10 tips to help you do this. ten4ten.sussexpartnership.nhs.uk. Please help spread the word on #WMHD2020 @Sussex_HCP

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